Intense, fresh yet sweet flavour

Wellant apples make healthy snacks, but they are also delicious in desserts, apple sauce, chutney or jam. Due to the high pectin level in apples, the jam sets more quickly. How about a puff pastry with raisins and cinnamon, or an apple fritter on cold days?


Have you tried Wellant? With its deep red blush and rustic appearance, this apple would not be out of place in a classic still life. Its fruity scent is reminiscent of an apple orchard in late summer. When you experience the intense, fresh yet sweet taste, you know the time has come to create a new tradition.

For many years, Wellant was only available in farm shops and specialist shops. Now this amazing apple is also in supermarkets, so that even more people can enjoy it.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away

Not only are Wellant apples tasty, they are also high in dietary fibre and natural sugars. Dietary fibre promotes good digestion and helps with the absorption of other important nutrients. Natural sugars are absorbed more slowly than regular sugars, which means they provide energy for longer. Furthermore, the apple contains a relatively high amount of juice, which is why people have eaten apples to quench their thirst for centuries.